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What is Qeeks?

QEEKS is a mobile app builder platform. By signing up on Qeeks, you can create, publish and manage as many apps as you need for FREE. For each app you create, you can publish its iOS and Android versions.

What can i do with it and is it really FREE?

You can create mobile apps, publish them to app stores and manage them. Yes, it's FREE to create unlimited apps!! And you can manage each app for FREE for30 days, after which you need to publish them to the mobile app stores to maintain the back-end access of that particular app.

What kind of apps can i create?

You should take a look at the features page and let your imagination do the rest. For example, portfolio apps, company apps, restaurant apps, hotel menu apps, online shopping apps etc. We offer cross-platforms development, it means you need to create only once and you get 3 versions : Iphone one, Android one and a WebApp (mobile website with the look and feel of the app). We believe in apps for everyone, and we mean it.

Anyone with content to share can make an app for an easy and effective way of reaching their audience. Be it bloggers, musicians, small businesses, publishers, non-profits, you name it. If you’ve got content to share, there’s an app to be made with it.

Will I be able to create apps with no coding skills?

A big yes! Qeeks has been created for everybody to develop their apps. Our clients are sales/marketing people with no coding skills, so yes, you will be able to create and manage your mobile apps, absolutely no coding is required.

Why should i use Qeeks?

It’s simple: Traditionally, creating an app from scratch require a lot of man hours, money and often an app developer. Qeeks has taken care of the complicated parts to give you a code-free solution to making your own mobile apps, in just minutes.
It’s packed with features: Between built-in notifications, HTML 5 functionality, native high-resolution photo galleries, branding and design customization, live updates and more, you’ll be able to make a robust, high quality mobile app to show off your awesome content.
It’s affordable: You can make as many apps as you want, with unlimited updates. Our pricing is far less than the many thousands of Riyals it costs to have an iPhone developer make an app for you.
It’s Cross-Platform: In the “old days” the only way to create an Android App and an iPhone app was to hire a mobile developer for each. The Qeeks platform let’s you instantly publish a fully custom Android App, and simultaneously submit a native iPhone app version to the iTunes App Store - with a single click.
It’s the best way to display your content: An app lets you reach your user base instantly, delivering the most up-to-date content to the palm of their hand. By taking advantage of the features and functionality of the Qeeks platform, you can engage your audience anytime, anywhere, with a rich mobile experience.

What does it costs to create an app?

We've done a fair price. You can create your apps for FREE and manage it for 30 days. You'll just have to pay our fair price when you wish to publish your app. The prices include hosting charges also. You don't have to bother with a hosting because we host it on your dedicated space on our servers.

How to publish the apps on the stores?

Once you have completed creating you app, you need to choose from our pricing plans. We offer basic and standard subscription plans with an option to pay either monthly or annually. Basic plans are published under our developer account while Standard plan can opt to publish either under our developer account or under your own developer account. We don't charge anything extra to publish the apps under our developer account. If you wish to publish the apps under your account, Apple Developer Account is required for submission on iTunes and Android developer account is required for submission on Google Play.
In both cases, we take care of the burden of compiling your created apps and publishing them to the App store and Google Play.

What are the pricing plans?

We have implemented a subscription model pricing for the usage of the platform. Basic plan is QAR 200 per month if billed monthly and QAR 150 per month if billed annually. Standard plan is available for QAR 300 per month if billed monthly and QAR 250 per monthif billed annually. We recommend you to choose the Standard plan if you wish to publish the apps under your developer account.

Is there any limitations?

There is absolutely no limitation on features and nothing to pay more on any plans. When billed monthly, the only limitation is that you cannot request the source code of your app. The code is completely released to you upon request, after a 12 months subscription. But there is no other limit on support, free updates, improvements and features. When billed annually, you can request the source code of your app for each versions.

What are the modes of payment?

For now, Paypal is integrated for online payment, and we are creating new modules for more gateways. If you reside in Qatar, you can contact us to pay by Cash.

How long does it take to get my app published?

We want to make sure that your app is of the best quality possible and meets the publishing guidelines of the major app markets. We will have our quality assurance experts (developers) review the app to ensure it meets the guidelines of the respective app store. Once it does, then we send it off for publishing. This process may take 2-3 business days depending on what is required.
It then takes about 3-5 days on Google Play and about 7-10 days on Apple Store in order to make it through the publishing phase.
We will keep you up-to-date about your app's progress by email, so watch your inbox!

Do i have to credit Qeeks in my apps or in the solution?

No. Every app you create is truly yours. Our branding is not displayed anywhere in the app.

Which platforms and devices are supported?

Apps made with Qeeks can be published on Google Play for Android devices and on the Apple App Store for iOS devices. In terms of devices, that means Android phones and tablets, iPhones (3 to 6) and iPads. In term of OS version, Qeeks supports Android version starting from 3.0 version and versions above (very last version included), and iOS starting from 6.0 version and versions above (very last version included). In most of the cases the new OS versions support the apps made for older versions, but if they don’t it is our job to update the platform to support the very last versions of each OS.

How are the apps updated?

Apps made with Qeeks don’t need to be republished when you edit your apps, change contents, add features etc, for most part of the app. The updates done in the back-end are reflected instantly on each user downloaded app.

Do apps made with this platform work offline?

Yes. Apps work offline. At the first launch of the app, a window asks the user if he wants to download the content of the app to get it offline.

Can i import apps made at another provider?

You can’t transfer the content of an app made with another provider. What you can do is, update your existing app on the stores by creating a new version of this app using our platform. You will need for each app the keystore certificate and its associated password to update the Android version. For iOS updates, nothing is required from the previous provider. For both stores, you will need the developer account credentials of course.

What about upgrades?

Qeeks is a solution on which we work full-time and thus we include free updates, new features and improvements on a regular basis. You are free to create new apps or update your existing apps with new features.

Do you offer special rates for resellers/developers?

Yes, the developer pricing is well adapted if you are a mobile app developer and want to sell apps, meaning that you find clients, you create their apps and then you give them access to their panel so that they can manage their apps. You can create and publish upto 15 apps. The features are basically the same for both, the difference being in the pricing. Qeeks offer upto 50% discount for the developers when compared to individual per app pricing. Also, developers can create accounts for clients and to give them the authorization for managing their apps.

Do you offer custom development?

Yes we do, don’t hesitate to contact us. Kindly contact us at

What kind of support are you offering?

We will offer soon a specific forum on which you can post your questions. You can also contact our tech team directly at, in case of any bug.

And if there is a bug?

Our work is to improve the platform and solve bugs that could occur even if we have tested the solution before releasing it. Upgrades and fixes will be released in the case you find a bug. And if you encounter a bug, you can contact our tech team directly at and they will fix it asap.

Are you based in Qatar?

Yes, Qeeks and its associated logo, website and other materials are owned and copyrighted by Blue Lynx W.L.L, a Qatar-based IT retailers and service providers, registered under the laws of State of Qatar. Qeeks is not entirely developed by Blue Lynx, it is an integration of multiple third-party tools and open-source solutions.

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